Yummy Love

As the cardboard box ripped open, a feeling of familiar warmth swelled through my body. The kitchen was full of steam and I smiled at the soft kiss my boyfriend placed upon my cheek. We go to schools that are a $50 bus trip apart, so a visit is rare on our impoverished student budgets. This makes us ache and yearn for those three short days where we are reunited once again. And when we’re together, a probably (no, definitely) unhealthy amount of eating inevitably follows. Food brings everyone together, from family meals to business lunches to romantic dates. Everyone loves to eat. It gives people something in common right off the bat. Awkward first dates take place over food, allowing one to shove their face with mashed potatoes when the conversation runs out, hoping to gain a few seconds of time to think of a witticism to impress your date. Favorite foods are a secret weapon used to soothe over a mistake or to seek out forgiveness. Anniversaries, birthdays, and promotions are celebrated through elegant dinners and champagne. It all comes down to the same basic gesture. You show the one you love how much they mean to you through a meal. Gabe and I are no different. It is our one-year anniversary and we’re going to have dinner together. Except, we don’t need the expensive, fancy outings to feel like we’re a couple or that we’re doing something special together. All we need is a purple cardboard box of Annie’s shells and cheddar. And shaky cheese, lots and lots of parmesan shaky cheese.

In case you didn't know, this is shaky cheese.


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